Coinchum — always welcome listings on new amazing projects with great features

Genevie winward
3 min readAug 3, 2021


Coinchum is a very unique Peer to Peer market, they offer various types of cryptocurrencies that can be traded on brand platforms, one of which is Bitcoin, USDT, and Ethereum coins, XRP and Chum tokens. on the other hand this project also has features that are no less cool compared to other projects. are you curious? about the features offered by Coinchum?

Features like this are the prima donna for traders because of its attractive appearance and can also be easily understood by new users. on the one hand the Coinchum project has a strong determination to survive in the competitive cryptoqurrency market, the team is also committed to work harder and will attract more investors to join this great project soon.


The Coinchum marketplace should be adopted by traders and investors for the following distinct qualities:

1. Unlimited choice to coin selection; users can trade with coins and at the same time are allowed to vote on coins to bring in

2. There is an incredible trading tool; the binary trading system which also requires low transaction fees.

3. The customer support system is too notch and always giving users adequate attention.

4. Trades are always processed fast and easily on the platform.

5. There is insurance over assets of users on the platform.

6. There is also a standard and ultimate level of security.

7. The platform is decentralized; giving voice to the users.

8. Basic and advanced education on how to utilize trading tools are available on the platform.

9. MPC, Coinchum will Ensure the assets of users are well secure and safe.


Name: Coinchum
Ticker: CHUM
Network: Binance smart chain
Total supply: 200,000,000

Investors should fill there wallets with this token, it will incur more profits for them and it will be used for fueling major activities on the platform.


LOW TRADING COSTS: the platform will charge very low fees on all trades on the platform, encouraging users to make more trades.

REASONABLE WITHDRAWAL FEE: Platform users will be charged minimal fees for all withdrawals made and at the same time withdrawals are processed quickly.

LIST OF NEW CRYPTO CURRENCY: The platform will always welcome listings on new amazing projects with great features that give traders on the platform an avenue to invest. All listings made on the platform will also require low transaction fees.

CRYPTOCURRENCY FINANCING: This will enable the locking of coins/assets of traders and platform users and also give them room to get more coins to lock up assets.

WALLET SECURITY: One major issue with most Exchange platforms is security. Many of them lost sight there due to cyber attacks which caused users to lose assets there. But to address and prohibit problems like this, the Coinchum platform wallet security is protected through MPC which allows the maximum level of security against all forms of cyber attacks and human error. With MPC adopted, Coinchum will Ensure user assets are safe and well protected.

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