ETNA also allows ETNA token holders to take income-free credits on a consistent basis

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ETNA also allows ETNA token holders to take income-free credits on a consistent basis. It is also the first of its kind in the crypto space. Currently more than 4,500,000 ETNA and more than 2000 NFT have been deposited.

NFT ETNA Marketplace: NFT ETNA Networks is a game resource that will ship in upcoming games. Currently, there are more than 30 NFTs exchanged in the commercial center of the ETNA Network, these NFTs involve game characters, weapons, secret parts, animals and much more.

Etna intends to make it natural and simple for clients to jump effectively while working on stage without claiming various wallets. Its mission is to create a holistic biological system, a single foundation of interconnected crypto-type advancements that works for both those who succeed and those that don’t. ETNA Network is building on advances in DeFi, gaming, and NFT. A brief outline of this innovation is as follows:

ETNA Network Highlights

A Digital Asset Lending Platform where not only coins and tokens can be used as insurance, but also NFT, computerized terrain, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Important NFT holders can now take credit by utilizing NFT like insurance, this is undoubtedly a distinct advantage.

DEX Hybrid Liquidity Protocol where clients will approach many advanced resources. A trade where the complexity that accompanies exchanging digital forms of money is a relic of the past. With the new Broker-Buyer-Type (BBT) exchange instrument, clients with zero experience actually want to exchange easily.

Gaming Technology The gaming stage where ordinary games can be delivered and combined with blockchain. Works for game designers and players. With game resources printed into NFT, individual groups of people can claim those game resources and gain sovereignty that grows with the fame of the game.

A Cross-Chain component that works with resource adaptability across the blockchain. This is great because it will empower the achievement of NFT’s native completeness.

ETNA Ecosystem

DeBank: DeBank which is the Lending/acquiring stage of ETNA has been submitted to the BSC. Currently supports borrowing and acquiring seven tokens/coins specifically BNB, ETNA, ETH, BTC, BUSD, USDT and DAI. It also supports storage of all ETNA NFTs and clients can already use those NFTs to take credits.

ETNA Tokens:

ETNA is local money from the ENTA Network environment which is used for various Defi capacities such as lending, acquiring, dealing and buying NFT, and for spending.

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Token Token Name: ETNA Network
Ticker: ETNA
Type: Binance Smart Chain
Full-scale supply: 100,000,000
Staking: 40,000,000
BBT Marketplace: 30,000,000

Resource Allocation:

Presale: 10,000,000
Liquidity: 6,000,000
Team: 3,000,000 (locked for good)
Upgrade Fund: 5,000,000
Partnership: 5,000,000
Foundation: 2,000,000

BBT Market: ETNA can be used as collateral as Proof of Insurance Mechanism
NFT Market Currency: NFT Marketplace supported cash is ETNA used to buy and sell in-game assets and other NFT
Rewards: ETNA can be used as Treasures and grants in the game part of the ETNA organic framework.

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