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Summarizer uses artificial intelligence to make your daily news shorter. Its bots scour the internet for news, summarise it, and then categorize it. Summarizer is only available to $SMR owners. You won’t have to spend anything to read Summarizer’s contents; all you have to do is hold $SMR.News about Artificial Intelligence A totally automated newspaper called Summarizer. Summarizer uses artificial intelligence to make your daily news shorter. Its bots scour the internet for news, summarise it, and then categorize it. It’s a completely computerized newspaper.

Summarizer is a platform that utilizes AI to summarize daily news for users all over the world. With the family of bots, Summarizer will crawl the web for news, process it, and deliver it to users through a modern and clean interface. But that’s not all, there are several other features of Summarizer:

  • AI-Powered: By utilizing intelligent AI, Summarizer will make daily news shorter and easier for users to read. Summarizer uses TextRank to optimize news content.
  • Elegant and Fast: The appearance of Summarizer is adjusted and designed in a modern and fast manner so that readers can feel comfortable when reading the news and not be distracted by content that is not important.
  • Telegram support: With a telegram bot, Summarizer can send the news to users via telegram quickly.

What are the advantages of a summarizer?

This news can be easily shared with others via your social networks. Immediately, in order to be able to read the newspaper and use all the functions, you need to purchase and store $SMR tokens in your wallet. By doing this, you are supporting the project. At any time, if you decide to stop reading Summarizer, you can simply sell your $SMR back on the market. The main advantage of Summarizer. Since the newspaper is fully automated, it needs constant control, bots are also involved in the control. Newspapers have a lot of bots in charge of functions. The site itself is very easy to use. You can choose night mode (very helpful for your eyes, reading in the dark). This site is optimized for speed. Article summaries usually load in less than 1 second. Summarizer is available on Google News and Telegram.


The distribution of SMR tokens will take place in 3 stages. Private sale for $0.008 per SMR. Join the whitelist to participate in private sales! The public sale will be made after the private sale at a rate of USD 0.01 per SMR. Launch on PancakeSwap, planned after private and public sale. Starting price: $0.012 per SMR. The project allocation is shown in the screenshot.


The result of this process is a dense graph representing the document. From this graph, PageRank is used to compute the importance of each vertex. The most significative sentences are selected and presented in the same order as they appear in the document as the summary. These ideas are based in changing the way in which distances between sentences are computed to weight the edges of the graph used for PageRank. These similarity measures are orthogonal to the TextRank model, thus they can be easily integrated into the algorithm.


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